Save Local Restaurants Affected by COVID-19


The #savefnbsg ground up movement is a coalition of over 500 restaurants ranging from independent restaurant operations to groups, banded together to support each other in this COVID-19 crisis as Singapore’s F&B industry hits rock bottom like never before. In just over a week, the community has grown organically to represent over 500 restaurants and is still growing.

Everyone is welcome to join. We believe there is power in numbers, and we must come together to secure the future of the industry and to save livelihoods who depend on it.



Singapore has spent years building up our reputation as a world-class dining destination. We can boast of having Michelin star restaurants and World’s 50 Best restaurants, as well as diverse concepts on our tiny island - an admirable feat. 


However, Covid-19 has left swift, devastating effects on our F&B industry, putting all that we have worked for, as well as the livelihoods of many, at risk. It is a fact that the food services industry plays a vital role in SIngapore’s economy. In 2016, we contributed to 0.8% of Singapore’s GDP and employed about 180,000 workers. 


In the restaurant industry, it’s all about the people. The teams that we have groomed and built up over the years is the foundation of who we are and the experience we deliver. If we do not act fast enough, all these livelihoods - and the reputation we have all painstakingly built up - may just crumble and fall.

what we are fighting for

The Singapore Government has offered reliefs from the recent Resilience and Solidarity Budgets but with changing situations such as the circuit breaker that restricts restaurants to takeaway and delivery offerings, it leaves us (and the livelihoods we represent) in a very vulnerable position. 

Every change means we need to react swiftly, and unfortunately, not all restaurants are able to do so. 


We need all the help we can get. Together, we can support each other and make our voices heard.

Who is #savefnbsg

#savefnbsg started when Peng Loh of Unlisted Collection and Beppe De Vito of ilLido Group invited other restaurateurs to come together to share information and support one another during these trying times.


Be A Part of the Coalition 

We are a non-profit community and this website is designed solely to help restaurants and customers. We will not be responsible for any claims, damages, or other liabilities that may arise.

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