An open letter to delivery platforms from the #savefnbsg restaurateurs

15 April 2020​

Dear Delivery Platforms #youknowwhoyouare,

The last 4 weeks have been an ever intensifying roller coaster ride for restaurateurs in Singapore. 


Much has been said online about your fees in light of the current situation. Restaurants aren’t prominently featured unless we offer further discounts that we bear the cost of. When mistakes are made by platform lags and delivery rider faults, we have to fight tooth and nail for compensation. 


Nobody has ever liked the rates imposed on us but we tolerated them because in the not-so-distant past, the money from your sales didn’t form a core pillar of our revenue streams. We watched in frustration as your commission increased steadily from 20% to 30%.

You call yourselves our “partners" but we truly wonder if you know what that means.

Dear Government, 


We thank you for the relief efforts that you have rolled out for the F&B industry and for understanding the challenges we fight against daily. For example, San Francisco has issued an emergency order that delivery apps must cap restaurant fees at 15%, in recognition of this problem. If the Singapore government can do likewise and mandate that delivery platforms lower their commission by at least 15%, it will play a huge part in our survival. 


To our fellow Singaporeans and Customers,


Thank you very much for stepping up and supporting the F&B industry. 


As restaurateurs, our appeal to you is: If you want your dollar to have the most impact in supporting the industry, stop ordering through these platforms. 


Order directly from us - whether it’s for takeaway (remember to wear your mask) or delivery. Many of us have set up our own independent ordering platforms in response to this situation. We are using private hire, courier and taxi drivers who have been left without work. The delivery fees are given to the riders directly, without a middleman. 


Delivery platforms blossomed in a world where convenience was king. The world has changed today. This convenience will cost the survival of restaurants. So we ask you to order direct to #savefnbsg. 


Support us by signing our petition for lower commissions here: https://www.change.org/LowerComm4FoodDelivery

For list of restaurants to support, visit https://www.wearefnbsg.com/forfoodies

Yours Sincerely,

The #savefnbsg Community

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